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The Tranquility Within Us

There is within Buddhist imagery, the visualisation of consciousness being a very deep body of water, where there are waves on the surface, but tranquility underneath these surface waves. Most live focused on the surface, feeling themselves thrown around by the superficial events of life. The idea is that under these relatively shallow waves is a great depth of calm which cannot be disturbed by surface movements.

Finding Peace

I have been meditating since 2003. Sometimes, I go for a while. Sometimes, I get distracted. I have been meditating daily since early July. Four months of meditating every day (except one after having a tooth extracted). At least once a day, on a few weekends twice a day. Meditating through tooth pain. Meditating through daily distractions. What has happened? I have reached a state of tranquility that not only exists in meditation itself, but carries into the rest of my life. I sit at my desk and notice the breath. I have the benefits of meditation. I walk through the city and feel the earth against my feet. I feel the benefits of meditation.

Living in the Depths of Consciousness

The point of meditation is not just to feel contentment while in meditation – meditation can have its own discomforts – but to bring the tranquility, the equanimity, the insights into the rest of your life. You realise and live in the depths of yourself, not distracted by the surface disturbances.

If you haven't tried meditation, I strongly recommend it. Start easily and slowly. A few minutes is enough to begin with - you can add a minute a week until you get used to sitting with your thoughts. There is no "success" and no "failure". You will learn to watch your thoughts come and go. You will discover the calm under the surface waves. The tranquility is there inside of you, always.

Aroha nui,

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Gerald Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns ❤️

About Death Doulas

Death Doulas - also referred to as End of Life Doulas - provide emotional and other support to the dying and their families. Support can be psychological (e.g. counselling), physical (aiding with exercise), clerical (helping with completing documents, including advanced directives), documentary (recording messages, including final messages for the dying), ceremonial (e.g. helping plan and/or deliver funerals) and other assistance which is not medical in nature. Death doulas are not doctors, they are not nurses and they are not solicitors/lawyers. They are brought in at the request of the dying and/or family and they are there to help the person transition from life.

About Nocturnal Works

The content on this site is provided to give resources and support to those dying, their loved ones and those providing death doula (end of life) support. When we find out that death is near and the initial shock wears off, emotions and questions flood into our minds. Noctural Works exists as place where you can find out about mental health issues and therapy related to death, dying, grief and bereavement - as well as more practical support, such as planning for death and supporting others on their journey.

The resources on this site are provided by Death Doula Ltd, a company in Aotearoa New Zealand which provides end of life doula support online, in Wellington, Blenheim and Picton (New Zealand). These resources are not legal or medical in nature, so do no rely upon them, but seek legal and medical advice, as required. If you are interested in counselling resources not focusing on death and dying, you can visit our other site, Therapy Aroha.