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Is compassion a "feeling", is it a state of mind, or is it a way of being? This site will explore that at some length, but a brief response would be to say that it is a way of approaching the world, based on our understanding that living involves suffering and that within our shared suffering, we can approach each other with empathy and kindness. This approach to others - and ourselves - creates a more gentle and understanding environment for interactions. This compassion then leads to better outcomes for ourselves personally and within our interpersonal relationships. Compassion helps to create the basis for a flourishing life.


Why do we need this? We can spend our lives in busy-ness, as we run from one task and idea to another. When we then encounter difficulties and stress, this busy life can then feed into anxiety and depression. Mindfulness is one of the greatest possible remedies for anxiety of the future and depression related to the past, as mindfulness grounds us in the present. Being able to stay in the present allows us to experience our lives as they are taking place, rather than to get lost in fear and grief.


We can call our efforts in compassion and mindfulness "therapy". We could just as easily call these efforts "practice". Regardless of which term you use, you will make no positive movement if you don't actually take the effort to PRACTICE. This is not something you can read about alone. Without practice, you will not advance in this approach.

Welcome to a journey of compassion that keeps you grounded in the present - where you learn about yourself and others through your own efforts to consistently practice.

Aroha nui,

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Gerald Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns ❤️

About Death Doulas

Death Doulas - also referred to as End of Life Doulas - provide emotional and other support to the dying and their families. Support can be psychological (e.g. counselling), physical (aiding with exercise), clerical (helping with completing documents, including advanced directives), documentary (recording messages, including final messages for the dying), ceremonial (e.g. helping plan and/or deliver funerals) and other assistance which is not medical in nature. Death doulas are not doctors, they are not nurses and they are not solicitors/lawyers. They are brought in at the request of the dying and/or family and they are there to help the person transition from life.

About Nocturnal Works

The content on this site is provided to give resources and support to those dying, their loved ones and those providing death doula (end of life) support. When we find out that death is near and the initial shock wears off, emotions and questions flood into our minds. Noctural Works exists as place where you can find out about mental health issues and therapy related to death, dying, grief and bereavement - as well as more practical support, such as planning for death and supporting others on their journey.

The resources on this site are provided by Death Doula Ltd, a company in Aotearoa New Zealand which provides end of life doula support online, in Wellington, Blenheim and Picton (New Zealand). These resources are not legal or medical in nature, so do no rely upon them, but seek legal and medical advice, as required. If you are interested in counselling resources not focusing on death and dying, you can visit our other site, Therapy Aroha.