Return to Counselling

I lived in Christchurch in 2010, when the earthquakes came. I had a counselling office and was just finishing my Master of Counselling, when the quakes started. We tried to “ride it out”, like so many others in the city. When the February 2011 quake struck, which took so many lives, we decided it was time to take our child out of the area.

I was offered a university lecturer position two days after the February quake had damaged our home and office, so we packed up and headed to Australia. After teaching that year in Darwin, we wanted to return to New Zealand. Since then, I have taken a government job and not a day passes, that I don’t miss my love and “calling” of counselling.

My family now lives in Wellington and we are here to stay. So, I will be restarting my counselling practice here in the capital of wee, lovely Aotearoa. It will take awhile, but I will have my shingle out soon.

Here’s to the best of mental health!