Building an Android App

Android have a first app development example here.

Jerry's notes: If you haven't already, download Android Studio for free.

My First App

Following the instructions for creating a first application, I plugged my Samsung Tab A into my laptop and ran the app on my tablet. I then increased the size of the font and changed "Hello World!" to the name of my business and the screenshot follows:

My First App

Jerry's notes: If you want a bit of background on Android Studio, development for Android, the Java programming language (or new Kotlin programming language for Android), I would suggest heading over to

App Colour Scheme Change

I then went to the Google Material Design Color Tool and changed the app colour to a red palette of my choosing:

Google Material Design Color Tool

App Title and Text Change

I followed this with changing the app title and text and the result was:

My First App Modified

Adding Text Field and Button

My son sat with me for this stage of development. He is learning programming and was interested in seeing what app development in Android Studio was like. We followed the next steps to add a text field and button to our application and this was the result (with a note from my son):

My First App with Text and Button

The text field can be populated, but the button does not yet work, as the application hasn't been told what to do when the button is selected.

Design, Coding and Reviewing Apps

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