App Development for Mental Health

I love counselling. I also love IT - from website design, to elearning development to getting into app development for mobile (and a hundred other things, besides). I love figuring out how people and technology work. I love seeing an issue and trying to work through a resolution. It feels fantastic when it comes together.

My problem has been that I felt that I had to make a choice between these things I loved. Nothing could be further apart than psychology (counselling) and technology, right? Then, it came to me. Why do I have to decide between these areas? Why can't I work in the space where they overlap - where they will grow in tandem?

Surely, I thought, the development of apps for those with differing symptoms (e.g. depression, anxiety) would be an area of growth? [Note: I use symptoms here as depression and anxiety are labels which denote effects, not underlying aetiology.] What if I could combine my love for helping those with psychological trauma or issues with my love for programming? This would be perfect for me.

So, I am going to explore the overlap between this areas on this site, in an attempt to provide clarity for myself and to bring together resources which might also be of benefit to others.

Looking forward to the path ahead!

Jerry Jordan


Design, Coding and Reviewing Apps

This site is about Android mobile apps development - from design, programming, developing, creating and building applications for Android mobile devices.

Resources will include reviews of apps, books and other things related to app development.

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